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My Whole Life is a Lie!!

The blood dripping from a rare steak is not actually blood at all! It’s a protein called Myoglobin, an iron and oxygen binding protein found in the muscles of mammals. The protein is there to allow operation of muscles when there is a lack of oxygen from the blood supply (for example when you hold your breath) which is why marine mammals have a very high concentration of the stuff.

It’s red color comes from the iron, and when exposed to enough heat (cooked well done) the iron is oxidised becoming brown instead! When the meat is preserved in nitrates the iron bonds with them, turning a bright pink color like with corned beef or ham.

And while we’re on the subject - Rare Vs Well done? Technically there’s no difference to nutritional value, each have virtually the same amounts of proteins and iron, plus when meat is cooked longer it becomes easier to digest. The only decent card played by “rare steak enthusiasts” is that there are more carcinogens in a well done steak - But ONLY if you’re using a gas or charcoal cooker, and in those two cases, no matter what you’re cooking the longer you leave it on there the more carcinogens there will be! So the only thing left is Taste/texture, and in those cases it is entirely opinionated, so don’t be one of those douches that says someone is wasting a ‘perfectly good steak’ by having it well done, if thats how they prefer it to taste then what the hell is wrong with it?!

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